яхт-клуб "ВЕТЕРАНЫ и Юнги ФЛОТА ",
Владивосток,остров Русский,
поселок Канал 30.(бухта Новик)
Обучение и сертификация по программам IYT WORLDWIDE во Владивостоке, The Practical Sailing Instruction- Обучение управлению парусной яхтой, Аренда ЯХТЫ, морские прогулки под парусом.

Dear friends! Welcome aboard:)

We are super happy to launch this page, and introduce you to our VENICE sailboat, invite your friends to joint us.

More information and videos will be shared on this web site.

I have a demonstrated passion for sailing.  Due to my long-term and vast breadth of experience, I am able to quickly understand complex situations encountered at sea and determine appropriate actions for crew and students to successfully meet the challenges.  My strong focus on development, coupled with highly developed quantitative practical skills, allows me to develop beneficial training plans for the IYT WORLDWIDE PROGRAM.

Through my practical sailing experience and sound educational foundation as a ship navigator in the Nevelskoy State Marine University, I am adept at creating an environment that encourages and drives each member of the team to put forth her/his best efforts to reach the training goals. 

My sailing experience from 1978 until 1983 includes serving as a sailor, trimmer and helmsman on Lazer, Soling and Dragon sailboats.  I was also a skipper for a Folkboat.  At Nevelskoy State marine University I was fortunate to have Capt. Yevgeniy Yakubenko, Capt . Yevgeniy Zhukov and Capt . Vladimir Antonov as teachers and coaches.  During this period I sailed in regattas and cruised approximately 5000 nautical miles in the Sea of Japan. 

From 1987 until 1996 I was the sailor, trimmer, navigator, helmsman and skipper of a CONRAD’25 ( Peterson 1/4 ton) sailboat.   I was also a navigator on  VETER , 44.5' Szszecin Poland TELIGA -136 R CETUS 44 with Capt . Pavel Vasilchenko, during the 1988 Sydney-Hobart yacht race 1988. I sailed in trainings, regattas and cruised a total of approximately 8000 nautical miles in the Sea of Japan and the South Pacific.

From 2004 to the present, I have been the captain of VENICE ( Peterson 38’) sailboat.  During this time I have sailed, trained and cruised in regattas totaling approximately 40000 miles in the North Pacific.

We can arrange SEA CRUISES for any route on Amurskiy Bay, Ussuriyskiy Gulf, the Golden Horn Bay, and Peter the Great Gulf of Japan sea.  These cruises can include fishing and excursions to coastal islands.

The "VENICE" sailboat designs of Doug  Peterson, 38 feet    is ideally suited for regattas, leisure cruising, rest and relaxation with friends and family  as well as business recreational purposes. The form and equipment of a sailing boat is awe inspiring.

As a captain I  invite guys and gals (Ladies and Gentlemen) to join us by participating as crew in our regular joint sail training and cruises on Amurskiy Bay, Japan Sea. It is possible to participate in regattas.

We provide practical sailing instruction at every level, including beginners, intermediate  and advanced sailors and skippers.

From 2004 our sailboat and crew was awarded numerous prizes and was the winner of regattas, including "the Cup of The Peter the Great Gulf" 

(The championship of Russia on sailing)  offshore race 500 n.miles in the class "40 foot classic" as well as other events organized by the Sailing Federation of Primorsky Krai , Russian Far East  and the Seven Feet yacht club.


Sailing is a varied sport that allows participants to challenge themselves, pass time in a pleasant and enjoyable manner, rest and relax after work, and appreciate the beautiful surroundings.

The varied ranks sailor is deserved by those who recognize and uphold the rules established by laws of friendship, camaraderie, ethics and sea etiquette.

I am a well-respected and talented sailor in search of new opportunities to develop and further my training activities.  I am enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge love of sailing with others.   I am committed to providing the best sailing and trainings opportunities. 

Please inform  your idea for collaboration\ partnership types and   contact me by whats app or other messengers \skype to discuss in details.

Sincerely,  Capt.Alexander  KOVALEV

1_IYT Atlas Marine Vladivostok _ Sail Boot VENICE



До окончания режима самоизоляции на все наши предложения:

-Oбучение по программам Международного центра по подготовке яхтсменов - IYT Worldwide, Atlas Marine Vladivostok sailning school; 

-Практическое обучение управлению парусной яхтой; 

-Активный отдых и морские прогулки, корпоративный Team Building  

скидка 10%.

Спешите предложения ограничены!

Вы не пробовали научиться играть на арфе? Нет? А на баяне? Ну, хорошо, а стать поваром, изучив "Книгу о вкусной и здоровой пище"?  Тогда, может быть, Вы пробовали заняться врачеванием, купив "Справочник лечебных трав и лекарственных препаратов"? Тоже нет? Значит, нам повезло!
Одна из важнейших частей парусной яхты это - стоячий такелаж. Надежный такелаж - это ваша безопасность. 

Корпоративный тимбилдинг на парусной яхте – это эффективный инструмент для улучшения коммуникации и взаимодействия сотрудников компании. Организация корпоративного тимбилдинга позволяет в короткие сроки получить качественный результат.


В данной статье Вы можете ознакомится с основными правилами выхода в море на парусной яхте.






Старайтесь всегда держать себя в руках, бодро и опрятно выглядеть, и не терять голову. Доверяйте, помогайте друг другу и следуйте правилам.

Всегда надо помнить, что выход на парусной яхте в море сопряжен с риском и нельзя быть небрежным, ленивым, рассеянным и беспечным.

cлова «море не прощает ошибок» увы, никогда не будут звучать банальностью.